How to choose a good dentist in Bratislava?

How to choose a good dentist in Bratislava?

According to last data, there are about 3400 dentists in Slovakia. The amount of patients for one dentist varies in each region. The majority of dental clinics is located in Bratislava. You have a quite big choice. The question is: How to choose the right one?

Good dentist near my house

Even though the Bratislava is not big, most people are choosing the dentist near their house (if they live in Old Town or Ruzinov they look for the ambulance in this area). It is quite comfortable to have everything near you. Also, if you need to visit your dentist more often, it may save you a lot of time.

Good dentist with good equipment

The state of technological equipment should also influence your decision. Dentist can provide better and long-lasting solutions with better prognosis thanks to special instruments and materials. Very important is also knowledge and skills of the dentist and his/her ability to use it in everyday practice. The number of new equipments and instruments does not necessarily reflect the quality of treatment. There are some ambulances full of new instruments that are simply not used. On the other hand, older ambulances sometimes could provide better services like the new ones. All depends on the dentist who has to be willing to constantly acquire new knowledge and use new technologies.

Good dentist with enough time

Often dentists take too much work causing them to have very short time for one patient. It is well known that if you make things quickly, the result may not be the best. At the dentist it is the same. If one dentist makes filling in 10 minutes and another one in 40 minutes, which one will be better? If the work of the dentist is superfast there is a big probability that it will not be at high quality. Especially white photocomposit fillings need a longer time for making. It requires steps which take some time. If the dentist makes the steps shorter, he decreases function of the filling and also the esthetic factor. Photocomposit fillings are in good quality if they are made according to exact steps. If dentist has enough time to follow all steps properly, there is a good prognosis for future and a higher chance you will not have to deal with broken filling.

We can apply this approach for every procedure at dental clinic (including check-up or dental hygiene). Quick check-up without x-rays can cause oversight of caries. It can get bigger and lead to pain, root canal treatment, or even extraction of the tooth. 30 minutes cleaning in almost all clinics may not be enough for you. Of course the prize of that dental hygiene is lower but the quality too. It depends on the amount of time hygienist will spend with you.

So the last question is: Does my dentist or dental hygienist have enough time for me?