with modern technologies
for higher quality of treatment
dental CT
for complex diagnostics

Dental microscope ZEISS OPMI

It is our right hand during treatments. With microscope the invisible becomes visible. Dental structures we work with reach 0.5mm and less in size and therefore human eye is almost unable to detect them without sufficient magnification. During root canal treatment microscope is truly a necessity if we are to perform it under the control of our eyes. Success rate of such treatment is significantly higher compared to traditional one without the use of microscope.

Dental CT

Thanks to technological progress dental CT has become important diagnostics element in modern dental ambulances. In cases where standard RTG images are not sufficient, dental CT provides more detail information upon which we can better assess the situation and plan the treatment. Our dental CT NewTom Giano is based on CBCT principle (Cone Bean Computed Tomography) that uses RTG radiation in the shape of cone and thus significantly reduces the amount of radiation received by patient. It is used for diagnosing findings in non-vital (dead) teeth during endodontic/re-endodontic treatments, for assessing bone quality in implantology, but also in standard dental surgeries or orthodontics.

Magnifying lenses Eye Mag Pro ZEISS

Details are very important and therefore in cases where microscope cannot be used we utilize magnifying lenses with 3.5x magnification. Preventive check-ups with magnifying lenses ensure higher quality and reduce the risk of overlooking minor caries.

Ozone therapy FotoSan

Treatment with FotoSan (ozone) is based on LAD (Light Activated Disinfection) technology. It is a combination of photosensitizer and red light. FotoSan produces intensive red light of 630nm wave length. Photosensitizer absorbs light and obtains energy. Energy then breaks surrounding air oxygen into 2 atoms while producing reactive O- that quickly and effectively destroys microorganisms, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. That ensures maximal disinfection of canal system and increases success rate and prolongs durability of endodontic treatment.

3D obturation of root canals

Foundation of endodontic treatment is removal of inflamed or necrotic nerve and elimination of present bacteria to a minimum. We achieve this with precise obturation of root canals and subsequent disinfection and hermetic fill with bio-tolerant filling. Thanks to 3D obturation technology we are able to significantly increase quality of our work compared to standard procedures of root canal filling.

CEREC CAD-CAM technology

CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) is modern technology in dental ambulances that is used while creating dental fillings (onlay), half-crowns (overlay), crowns and bridges. With dental CEREC we do not need imprints because the system has its own scanner that is able to transform scanned teeth into virtual 3D form. Based on collected data we are able to design suitable shape of crown. Prosthesis is then milled from special ceramic block. After being color corrected and enameled the crown is ready for mounting.


Kofferdam is a thin flexible membrane that is used to isolate one or more teeth from mouth cavity during treatment.

It creates small operating area that ensures dry environment necessary for creation of quality photo-composite (white) filling. It has even more significant use at endodontic treatments where it prevents contamination of root canal with bacteria from mouth cavity. In addition Kofferdam provides patients with more comfort as they may swallow normally while being treated.

Full equipment for children

When treating children, you not only need to have everything smaller but also need to have different tools and materials. Toothy teddy bear, upon which we show everything, is not only a toy. It is an important part in developing a positive connection between the child and dental ambulance.