Treatment at the dentist can be more pleasant

Is the flowing water, a lot of tools or worries about swallowing the amalgam filling, in the dentist chair annoying to you? Do you know the solution exists? It is called rubberdam! We would like to explain why the treatment with this membrane is more pleasant, safer and better.

How to choose a good dentist in Bratislava?

According to last data, there are about 3400 dentists in Slovakia. The amount of patients for one dentist varies in each region. The majority of dental clinics is located in Bratislava. You have a quite big choice. The question is: How to choose the right one?

Do you have sensitive teeth?

It is important to know the cause. The most common is a combination of an incorrect technique of teeth cleaning (horizontal) and a hard toothbrush. People clean teeth two times a day and at the same time they do not realize the fact that they are scrubbing the highest layers of enamel.

Who is responsible for caries at children?

Is it the teacher in your maternity school who does not care about the perfect cleaning of teeth? Or is it the mother-in-law who offers sweets to them? Neither one nor the other. Parents are responsible for it! They wake up children in the morning and prepare them for sleeping in the evening.

The dental sign language

It is very difficult to communicate with the dentist during the procedure. That is why the dental sign language is used.