Microscopic stomatology

Microscopic stomatology

Invisible becomes visible

Trained and focused human eye can see details of 0.5mm. Unfortunately, after several minutes concentration decreases and structures start to blend. Once doctor drills out dental tissues such as enamel or dentine, it is an irreversible process and lost tooth parts can be replaced only with artificial filling. We at Oradent decided to take mini-invasive road and that is possible only thanks to professional dental microscope ZEISS that not only provides magnification up to 0.001mm but can significantly prolong concentration of our eyes.


Oradent dental clinic was one of the first facilities in Slovakia to equip each doctor with professional dental microscope. We use it on daily basis for over 6 years and cannot imagine working without them.


Use of microscope may significantly improve quality of treatment and thus increase its success rate especially for more demanding treatments.


Why do we use microscope?

  • Detail diagnostics
  • Mini-invasive therapy
  • Increase the success rate of treatments and long-term prognosis
  • Higher quality of work
  • Improved view of operational area
  • Revealing of structures that are non-visible for human eye
  • Increased range of provided treatments