Teeth whitening and esthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening and esthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening results in the long-term change of tooth color. There are several whitening options. It is best to consult the most suitable type of whitening for you with your doctor during dental hygiene that precedes the whitening.


In our clinic we offer:

  • Home whitening
  • Ambulant ZOOM whitening
  • Combined whitening (home + ambulant)


Most effective method of whitening is usually the combination of home and ambulant whitening. The whole process consists of 14-day home treatment and 1 whitening appointment in our clinic. This method has several advantages:

  • Predictable result
  • Long-term effect
  • Minimal to no tooth sensitivity
  • Maximum volume of hydro peroxide at 6%


If you have no time for home whitening you may as well undergo only ambulant whitening. After the whitening procedure you will receive instructions on how best to retain the result. It is very important to keep up with good dental hygiene that helps prolong your shiny white smile.


We recommend removing dental calculus, plaque and pigments with professional dental hygiene prior to teeth whitening.