Dental surgery and implantology

Dental surgery and implantology

Surgical extractions of wisdom teeth

Most frequent extractions in our clinic are those of improperly grown wisdom teeth. Other teeth we mostly try to save rather than extract. Thanks to microscopic re-endodontic treatment number of resections (root apex amputation) has decreased significantly.


Frenulectomy, frenotomy

We commonly do frenulectomy for adult patients and frenotomy (frenulum cutting) for infants. With infants it mostly concerns tongue frenulum that connects bottom part of tongue with the floor of mouth cavity. If the frenulum is too short, tongue is less flexible and the child may have problems with breast feeding (it cannot make sufficient pressure, thus sucks for long time but only drinks a little and may therefore be irritated and not gain enough weight).


Tooth implant

We can replace missing tooth with tooth implant. To assess bone quality and to choose suitable implant type, it is good to create CBCT image. Based on the image and examination doctor sets implant procedure. However, patient should not forget that implant also requires care and correct dental hygiene.