Treatment without drilling

Treatment without drilling

Biologically oriented dentistry


What nature has created is always better than what man can create.


Modern-day biologically oriented stomatology aims at preserving natural tooth structures such as enamel and dentine. We at Oradent follow this philosophy. Because whatever has nature created, it is better than what man can create. We care for prevention, remineralization and ability to treat early carious lesions without drilling (so called “no drilling dentistry”). Because without drilling means without irreversible tooth damage. We are talking about so called “biological tax” that we have to pay in case classical caries treatment (with drilling).


Health and dental structures are unique.


Prevention is always the key. But if early demineralization (decalcification) occurs we have options to treat them without the loss of dental tissues. We actively apply remineralization and ozone therapy.


Treatment method of places with mineral loss by a special material that incorporates and fill them up. This method can be used for the treatment of incipient caries or to diminish unwanted white spots that occurred after the orthodontic treatment or in the growth phase.

Remineralization splints

In patients with high caries risk, we can use individually created splints and increase the concentration of fluorides locally that decrease the susceptibility to caries. 


The method used in child patients. Impregnation by silver molecules can arrest caries so that the inevitable treatment can be postponed. The usage of this method brings unwanted black staining so that it is used only in deciduous teeth.

SMART technique

It is a combination of SDF application with scraping and filling the carious tissue with glassionomer cement without drilling, used in highly uncooperative child patients.

Hall technique


Again method used in deciduous dentition, when the teeth affected by carries is covered by stainless steel crown blocking the access of bacteria so that carries is arrested.

Of course, not every tooth can be treated without drilling. In case caries needs to be treated with preparation, we can be very mini-invasive thanks to professional dental microscope. To make the filling we use technologically advanced materials that largely emulate natural structures. We do care how the final filling will look like. It should not only be esthetic but also fully functional and fulfilling articulation variables. This way we prevent future ache of temporomandibular joint and excessive attrition (tooth wear).